A happiness filled, vocabulary rich, experiential adventure …

Our enquiry-based science curriculum focusses on discovering the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics through hands-on experiences; enabling children to build an understanding of the world around them. We harness children’s natural tendencies to explore and investigate the world and its curiosities. Posing their own questions to investigate, creates happy scientists who are engaged and motivated to learn. Through building up a body of key vocabulary linked to specific topics, our children can gain confidence in their ability to discuss scientific ideas, make predictions, pose questions and draw conclusions from their enquiries. We take every opportunity for children to experience science in real life, taking our learning outside and seeing first-hand the effects of science on them and their lives. We take advantage of our rural location to explore living things and their habitats, grow plants and observe seasonal changes throughout the year. Where appropriate, children are given opportunities to explore science topics further afield such as at Cragside, the home of hydroelectricity.


Deaf Hill Science