Physical Education

Physical Education


A happiness filled, vocabulary rich, experiential adventure …

In PE, children are exposed to a wide range of sports, games and physical activity. Children have the opportunity to compete in intra and inter competitions. This gives them vast experience in being able to build character and embed values such as fairness and respect. In a bid to lead happy and healthy lives, children are active for sustained periods of time during the school day. This enables children to be focussed and ready to learn in a happy environment when back in the classroom. Children can experience activities in school ranging from judo, dance, football, hula hooping, netball and they can pursue these interests at club level due to links we provide. During PE lessons, children are introduced to new vocabulary ranging from early movement skills in EYFS to more complex tactical terminology as they move further up the school. Children have the opportunity to experience a range of after school clubs throughout the year.

We aim for all children to be physically active and promote health and well-being. Teachers encourage, reassure and support during every PE lesson to increase determination, confidence, and a positive attitude towards PE.