A happiness filled, vocabulary rich, experiential adventure …

We provide high quality music education which develops a love of music whilst increasing self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.  We aim to inspire a love of music through a wide range of experiences across the curriculum nurturing their talent as musicians.  The children identify a particular style of music they prefer and discuss why this specific genre appeals to them.

Through our scheme (Charanga) and topic work, our pupils have the opportunity to perform, listen, review and evaluate a range of different genres, historical periods, styles and traditions.  They learn how to sing individually and blend their voices with others by using a range of vocal techniques.  The children compose and create their own music by using various notation and play percussive and woodwind instruments.  Specialist teachers offer opportunities to play saxophone, flute and clarinet.

Across the key stages, the children build on their skills and have the opportunity to perform to parents, governors and friends of the school to showcase their talent.


Music Deaf Hill