A happiness filled, vocabulary rich, experiential adventure …

English unlocks children’s creativity and opens up the rest of the curriculum, so we provide a high quality reading and writing education beginning in EYFS. Our English curriculum is taught through a reading spine chosen to excite and enthuse children across all key stages. Books are selected carefully by teachers to engage children and to cover a wide range of genres, exposing our children to books that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to read. Reading is promoted throughout the day and across subjects and experiences such as author visits or travelling to book signings help to foster an environment of reading for pleasure and an enjoyment that will stretch into the future. The high quality texts offer challenging vocabulary which we encourage to be used in both spoken and written language and across the curriculum. Children will be given unique experiences like tweeting authors, having their work published in books/online and writing for real purposes that impact on them, giving them the chance to write in different styles, for different purposes and for different audiences.


Whole Class Reading
Year 3-1
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6