A happiness filled, vocabulary rich, experiential adventure …

To prepare children for the digital world in which we live, we provide a holistic and creative computing curriculum which promotes computational thinking and inspires children to develop their skills in computing across subjects. Our curriculum develops digitally literate pupils that are confident in using a range of devices to support their learning and master skills they will use well into the future. Our digital literacy lessons teach children the huge benefits of technology while ensuring they use it in a safe and respectful way to create happy digital citizens. Our ICT lessons provide the opportunity to use a wide range of software, from Word and Powerpoint to TuxPaint and recording and image altering software allowing children to be creative in ways they may otherwise be unable to. Our computer science lessons build on the natural curiosity children have about how things work and in a child friendly and practical way work up to using programming software to create music and computer games. Children in KS2 further develop this with the use of robotics. Throughout the curriculum, children are taught subject specific vocabulary, which is built upon each year and used consistently. Wherever possible opportunities to use these computing skills in other subjects are seized upon, such as filming news broadcasts in English and creating presentations about a topic in history, to create well-rounded children that are capable users of technology.


Deaf Hill Computing